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Powersports are a subset category of motorsports which generally include vehicles such as motorcycles, all-terrain vehicles (ATVs), utility vehicles (UTV’s) snowmobiles, personal watercraft (PWC’s), and scooters. These machines are designed for racing and recreational pleasure riding. They are typically powered by a high performance engine. Other defining features of powersport vehicles include the use of handlebars, except for UTV’s as it uses a steering wheel, to control movement and the mounting of the rider “on” the machine, exposed to the elements.  When it comes to powersports, the machines require highly durable and reliable components to ensure the greatest amount of control and power for the driver.

Clairon Metals for the Powersports Industry

We have extensive experience as a contract manufacturer for the powersports sector, producing quality parts and components for customers across this industry. Our operations offer a range of relevant manufacturing services for our powersports customers, including resistance welding and robotic MIG welding.

Resistance Welding

Resistance welding involves creating a strong joint that firmly connects two disparate metal surfaces together. This welding process uses voltage and pressure together to create a strong bond. Resistance welding involves two processes, spot welding, and projection welding, to provide repeatability over long production runs.

Robotic MIG Welding

The MIG welding process relies on a consumable solid wire electrode that creates an arc between the welder and the metal surfaces. The electrode and surfaces melt to form a weld pool, which creates a firm bond between the two workpieces as it cools. This process allows us to join two metal bases together to create very precise welds that are clean and strong. Automating the MIG welding process with robotic welding reduces waste, improves speed, and ensures repeatable quality and accuracy between every weld in a production run.

Metal Stamping

We offer a full portfolio of metal stamping capabilities to cut and form components used in the powersports sector, including in-die tapping, progressive die stamping, and transfer die stamping. The speed and efficiency of the metal stamping process make it ideal for producing high volumes of vehicle parts for powersports OEMs or down-tier suppliers. We can handle stamped parts ranging from simple to highly complex. 

Clairon Metals Advantages

With over three decades of contract manufacturing experience, Clairon Metals provides stamping and welding capabilities to customers in the powersports industry. We produce accurate, high-quality parts for powersports equipment from our 33,000-square-foot facility. To see how Clairon Metals can support your powersports equipment project or any other metal fabrication needs, please contact us or request a quote today.