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Engineered for Success: Custom, Application-Specific Solutions

Our in-house engineering team members are with you to ensure every step of the process results in the best quality, cost, and timeliness. We optimize solutions for low-cost part pricing with in-house production for low-volume applications from 5 – 10,000 units per year or less.

With provided guidelines, we’ll work with existing designs or start from scratch. Our engineers are here to solve any issues before they occur and they’ll look for ways to lower your costs from initial design to full production. Our program managers will work with you directly in order to ensure a smooth production startup and even have a Program Center to add visibility to program development.

These engineering services also include prototyping and a New Part Development system to prove out the manufacturing start-up. Clairon also uses CAD systems such as Catia, Solid Edge, and 3D MasterCam to create precision drawings or dimensional models of your project.