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Why Clairon

Clairon Metals Corporation is a leading contract manufacturer of Power Sports, Outdoor Power Equipment, Solar, Household Products, Appliances, HVAC, Transportation, Power Tool and other industries. 

Our Location in the Southeast US combined with our systems and controls throughout engineering, operations, supply chain, logistics, and quality give us the ability to systematically manage our operations and yours as well as find a solution for all of your stamping and welding mass production needs.

Our capabilities range from 35 ton to 1100 ton presses to 18 robotic Mig Weld Cells, 15 Resistance weld cells, on-site engineering, design, tool building, and a full quality lab. 

Please contact us if you are in need of parts or consultation or would just like to come by for a tour.

CMCNet – CRM & Intranet for Quoting to MRP & Production

Our custom-built intranet allows us to control our customer interactions in quoting, forecasting, company initiatives and provides you with links to management meetings, company metrics, and more..  Having this data in SharePoint and interfaced with our MRP gives us speed, repeatability, accuracy, and visibility to know that the job is being performed at the highest level.

With this software, we also use our job realization features to track the launch of new business through the sourcing of raw materials, outsourcing, and processes of launching a business.

EDI, MRP Systems – Forecasting, Planning, & Receiving Production Orders

Our systems allow for data to be automatically loaded by part from your interface.  From there we can generate the MRP system demand as well as a true lean schedule off a DBR (Drum Buffer Rope) MRP system.

We have the ability to organize data in multiple formats (by resource or by part number) showcasing the number of hours we need to run it as well as the parts and dollars projected for all our supply needs.

We track results showing the actual production output from the scans of our operators from start to finish.  We can show you data from good parts and bad parts second by second.  These results show you the tracked outputs as well as the results to a standard. 

Forecasting/Capacity Planning/Purchasing

From the EDI 830 data we have a module on our MRP that forecasts the quantity of demand:

  • By customer
  • By part number
  • By week 

From that demand, we can look at all levels of the bill of material and the output rates at standard to calculate the number of hours of total demand by resources for any given time period.  

This system also forecasts the cost of goods sold; purchasing; outside servicing as far out as 12 months.

CAR Database – Corrective Actions

We also have a SharePoint-based CAR system that houses and tracks all internal and external claims.  This system is connected to and populates our outlook calendars with reminders as well as links to the system for complete visibility and traceability of any needs of our customers to improve any process.

The system generates numerous reports as well for common theme analysis and continuous improvement which can be tracked here or in our higher level MAPXX system.

MAPXX database

Our custom-built Mission Action Plan Database tracks our company’s initiatives and breaks down data by department, taking a root cause countermeasure approach to improve anything based on the metrics that are high-level company initiatives.

Root Cause – Countermeasure Activity

When we do find internal or external findings, we have a corrective action database where we determine documents and all of the root cause countermeasure activity as well as inventory containment. 

This database is integrated with outlook so it populates all the appropriate people’s calendars with reminders on when those corrective actions are due. 

Tooling Database

Every part we make requires at least one tool, in some cases many tools plus many fixtures and chex fixtures.

We have all of the toolings that are housed in a database that shows pictures, weight and size, and location of the tool. 


We have a library of metrics that drive our monthly meetings and populate CMCNet by the department.

Some of the key metrics are:

  • Labor hours
  • Value-added
  • Output to standard
  • Plus dozens more buy department tracking, frankly, more than we need

These metrics are pulling data from our MRP system and are able to be segmented out in different views.  We can show this data by part number, by resource, and by person. From this data you can see:

  • Number of hours they were producing product
  • At what rate they were producing product
  • How much value that put into inventory as a result of their efforts

Ensuring that Quality is Stamped into Every Step of the Process.

Using custom systems and controls ranging from EDI, Forecasting, MRP, and Intranet Systems to PPAP, macro etch, downtime tracking, continuous improvement, customer claims, and other systems, 

Clairon Metals provides comprehensive solutions to ensure standardized production of simple to complex stampings as well as complex welded tube and stamping frame components. 

We pride ourselves in being the supplier of choice through understanding our customers’ needs and adding value at all points of contact. 

Our performance is driven by the success of our customers as we are capable of delivering quality products, on-time, and at a competitive price. 

Whatever your goal, our team has the experience and knowledge to recommend changes specific to your needs.

We invite you to come to take a tour and we will gladly show you all of it!

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you.

Why Clairon

Supply Chain

Supply Chain

Supply Chain

Company Mission

To be a profitable manufacturer of metal components for the OEM market by…

Being the supplier of choice through understanding our customers’ needs and adding value at all points of contact.

Being the employer of choice through maintaining a safe and positive work environment and managing ourselves professionally through discipline, honesty, candor, courtesy, manners and respect for all.

Establishing and maintaining leading edge competitiveness in cost, quality and delivery through managing our company towards measurable world class levels of performance.