Total system integration from the start to match our supply to your demand and a complete supply chain solution utilizing our partners to provide coating, plating Heat Treat, Deburring and other outside services

Starting with quoting in our Intranet based system integrated with our MRP system our supply chain group knows your parts and needs up front. They utilize this same data along with other fully integrated Clairon’s systems to support you along each step of the product realization process. We help you to move through each phase, from conception to production, in a concise manner. Based on years of experience, our Job Awards System (JAN) is a complete project management tool optimized to manage your project on time and on budget.

Along with providing the highest quality products for a great value, we are well known for integrating your individual requirements into our estimating process. We have developed a fully-customized intranet, CMCNet, containing pertinent and timely information regardingpart number specifications, RFQs, revision history and delivery data.

Supporting a variety of business models, we are adept at developing a Make To Stock or Make To Order supply and inventory strategy that will effectively and efficiently support your demand. Compatible with most EDI and web-based platforms, our ERP system can electronically and instantaneously process your orders. We use a highly synchronized, demand-driven scheduling program to convert your forecast into a flexible, agile solution and forecast by part by week.

The partnerships we’ve developed with our supply chain, specifically with coating suppliers,enables us to support custom coating processes and complex assemblies for any project. We offer customers a cost-effective solution to their growing needs by providing assistance from concept design to production to coating and assembly and even custom packaging.

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Supply Chain

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