Resistance Welding

Innovative Technology and Processes to Ensure Optimum Quality

Through our 13 programmable resistance weld cells we offer automation solutions and redundant poka yoke devices confirming nut size, counts, current, voltage, prevent potential errors, which also increases productivity.

The multi-head resistance welding also allows for increased productivity and efficiency and include preventative measures like our weld and check fixtures to avoid inaccurate weldments throughout the process. The use of Sensotech determines presence, absence, size and orientation of resistance welded components, and the repeatability of this device can detect even the smallest variations.

Additionally, the benefit of utilizing spot weld cells includes being able to work with both thin and heavy gauge steel.


MIG Welding

Starting from CAD design through to Utilizing our eighteen robotic weld cells, we are able to create components repeatibly & exactly to your specifications. These pre-engineered solutions integrate robots, servo positioners, and arc welding technology to solve any fabrication challenge. These advances, combined with innovative robot welder communication and effective software improvements, are the perfect solutions for any welding demand.

We are able to determine the soundness of the weld metal and the metallurgical structure produced by the welding process through Macro Etch. This test consists of cutting a welded component transverse to the weld axis; first, an etching solution is applied to the exposed surface, then it is inspected.

We feed a continuous and consumable wire electrode through a welding gun during our semi-automatic or automatic arc welding processes. This commonly used industrial process allows for us to save you both time and money due to the processes’ efficient nature through speed and automation. Our team of skilled MIG welders help to guide your pieces through the intricate welding process to produce your finished metal part.

Other faculties, such as synchro-weave, wire feed, and robot motion control, work together to produce quality welds. In addition to these processes, large work areas allow for repeatable fixture mounting to exceed customer expectations of flexibility, quality, and productivity. Our robotic welding solutions maximize productivity through the latest advancements unique to Clairon Metals.