In-House tooling or managed by us through our network of tool shops, we will find a solution to save you time, money, and the need to travel to shops all over the country, or possibly even out of the country in order to find what you’re looking for!

With Clairon Metals’in-house design and CNC machining capabilities, we are able to convert your supplied surface data into prototype or production tooling. We are proud to offer full-service solutions from concept to completion, all in one location. We will walk you through the entire process, from conception and design to prototype and testing, to production. Our in-house tooling department uses only the latest technology, such as milling machines, drill presses, wire EDM machines, surface grinders, and heat treat ovens, to deliver results that meet our customers’ needs. We deliver quality parts to specification that are ready for production, making Clairon Metal Corporation the partner of choice among our competitors.

Clairon’s capabilities include:

  • Wire EDM & CNC Machining Services 3D Master CAM for Cutter Path Creation
  • Design & Development Services via SolidWorks, LogoPress, Prog Blank Companion, & Forming Simulations
  • Full-Service Conventional Machining
  • Heat Treatments
  • In-Die Tapping
  • Progressive Dies and Single Hit Die Design & Fabrication
  • Weld and Check Fixture Design & Fabrication
  • Die Protection Designed & Installed in Automated Progressive Tooling
  • Plus Seven Partner Shops for Large Programs